What a Formula 1 Car Looks Like Inside


If there’s one thing that probably beats being on the drug that is Charlie Sheen, it’s driving an F1 car. For better or worse, the average person has about as much of a shot at piloting one as they would at surviving Sheen’s devil-may-care cocaine habit. 

While both are focused on “winning,” one takes an undeniably greater personal fortitude than the other. Driving an F1 car is an athletic feat that goes far beyond what most could manage. The speed, endurance, precision and even seating position are incredibly demanding.

Last month we brought you a video where Nico Rosberg explained why drivers need to spend the race in a position not terribly unlike the way you might adopt while reading in bed. Unfortunately, that still left a lot to the imagination.

Taking the explanation even further, racing team Sauber bisected a car to give an explicit view of what exactly goes on inside the speed tubes with wheels during a Formula 1 race. Below, you’ll see the mechanics of how the car works and how the driver operates it during that process.