Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert Standard on all 2013 Models and Beyond


Starting in 2013, all newly-manufactured Nissan models will come with the Easy-Fill Tire Alert system we first saw demonstrated while test driving the 2013 Altima

More of a convenience feature than a necessity, the system works in tandem with the tire pressure monitoring system to tell drivers when the tires have reached their proper fill point. The Altima isn’t the first to feature this system, though. In fact, it made its first appearance in the Nissan Quest minivan.

Indicating the increasing pressure, the hazard lights will blink until the proper level is reached. At that point the car beeps its horn. Those beeps increase in intensity if air continues to be pushed into the tire.

“Nissan’s ‘Easy-Fill Tire Alert’ system is straight forward and eliminates the need to keep a tire gauge in your vehicle’s glove compartment,” said Pierre Loing, vice president of Product Planning, Nissan North America.  “By making this unique Nissan innovation available on all our future products, the guessing and the gauge vanish for our customers.”

It’s true that any guesswork is gone from filling the tires your new Nissan comes with, but the system doesn’t translate to tires with different pressure requirements. Then again, the sort of drivers who buy low-profile tires hopefully know enough to fill them correctly, not to mention the fact that most pumps have built-in pressure gauges anyway.