Roush RS Tuning Package Makes V6 look like Mustang GT


Known for modifying Ford products for improved performance, tuning house Roush just announced a new package for the 2012 V6 Mustang called the Roush Six, or “RS” package.

The package costs $4,000 and looks as mean as you might expect a Roush-tweaked car to, but that’s pretty much where everything stops. Performance upgrades are limited to a lowered suspension to improve handling and Brembo brakes to improve stopping power. A front chin splitter makes the car look tougher while 19-inch painted aluminum wheels further add to the look.

Unfortunately, that styling is little more than a different take on making the V6 look like a GT. Those painted wheels are sourced directly from the V8 version and performance upgrades to the 3.7-liter V6 powerplant are unfortunately absent. The RS package offers a windshield banner, optional hood scoop and rear quarter louvers and RS exterior side and hood graphics.

Inside, customers will get embroidered floor mats, new pedals ad a Roush badge for the center console. There are also optional interior items including charcoal leather seats out of the GT or Roush sport seats, a black shifter ball and a suede-wrapped steering wheel. You can also get door sill plates with ambient lighting.

If you’re tied to having a car that looks a lot like the GT, but gets reasonable fuel economy, then this is probably a good option to explore, but with all the optional parts you’re likely to spend almost as much as it would cost to buy a GT in the first place.

GALLERY: Roush RS Mustang



Howie J. says:

I just can’t picture paying for this. Honestly, it’s a shame roush is ruining its name with this package. I remember seeing roush mustangs at auto meets and thinking they were so cool. What a weak effort, who do they think they are now, MOPAR?

Jacob says:

I’m going to have to stop you right there. A lot of us V6 owners want the glory that comes with a performance tuned V8 Roush Mustang. However, life happens and we aren’t able to own that amazing V8 and have to settle with the V6. With this package us V6 owners can have some semblance of that. In the end, we all love the customization that comes with a Mustang. TL;DR get off your high horse and stfu V6 Roush’s are here to stay.

Andy Perry says:

It’s a shame because they’re offering a Stage 2 package for a V6 Mustang? Seems like they’re giving the people who can’t afford the V8 versions another option – something that is affordable, but has upgraded styling and improved handling for a minimal price. Haters gonna hate I guess – but seems like a great option to me!

T.C. says:

Wow Howie man, Grow up. Your still living in the past, welcome to 2012. I dont know if you relize this, but the new v6 is roughly as powerful as any v8 from 2010 and earlier. A couple air mods and you’ve smoked em. Roush has stepped up its game by offering something to the v6 community, which is as large as any v8 group. Marketing there new style and packages is an excellent business move. We are all here because we love the mustang, stop hating just because it not some supercharged powerhouse. 305hp is excellent for any average driver and the economical part to boot.

inachu says:

I was tempted to get a V6 mustang but went with the 5.0 instead