Heart and Soles: Your Shoes and Car Speak Volumes About Your Personality

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

Your shoes say a lot about you – including the type of car you drive, at least, that’s what Italian writer and shoe design analyst Andrea Silvuni thinks – she believes you can learn a lot about a person’s character from their shoes and their choice of wheels.

Cars have been inspiring fashion for years, as designers take inspiration from automotive style. This time around, Silvuni teamed with Chevrolet to map the design language of car models and shoes that reflect a person’s personality and characteristics. You could say that shoes and cars open a window into a person’s soul (or sole). No choice is random – the color, style and other design details of cars and shoes can say a lot about you.

“Like cars, shoes share the design language that conveys aspects of a personality,” said Silvuni. “The sloping roofline, concave shoulder lines of a Chevrolet Cruze and a well-appointed wedge create a dynamic, sure-footed stance in the same way.”

So what do your shoes and car say about you? Take a look at Andrea Silvuni and Chevrolet’s chart that maps your personality with the shoes you wear and the car that best suits that style.

Shoe Style: Flip-flop
Wide open stance, accentuated by strong, clean body sides free of cladding.
Car: Chevrolet Spark urban city car
Owner’s Footprint: Laid back, open toed and not traditional. Challenges convention and open to new experiences. Never sure what will happen tomorrow but sees every experience as fun and functional.

Shoe Style: Ballet Slippers/Pumps
Aggressive looking front, compact taut side panels and a rising shoulder line
Car: Chevrolet Sonic
Owner’s Footprint: Comfortable in all environments, sweet and dependable person who is also kind and considerate. Prefers a lifestyle free of frills.

Shoe Style: Wedge-Heeled Shoes/Platforms
Concave shoulder lines, short overhangs at the rear with a dynamic stance
Car: Chevrolet Cruze
Owner’s Footprint: Stylish and sure-footed with logical solutions to any problem. No nonsense in relationships; values reliability and trust. A social butterfly.

Shoe Style: Brogue
Expressive design with a wide, athletic stance
Car: Chevrolet Malibu Owner’s Footprint: Conservative, reliable, trusting and incredibly calm under pressure. An ambitious, stylish and bright person. Also sophisticated and detailed, carrying an air of achievement.

Shoe Style: Cross trainers
Sharply sculptured athletic stance with angular shapes that emphasize sporting intent, with a sleek, rising shoulder line
Car: Chevrolet Equinox
Owner’s Footprint: Athletic, assertive and a flexible leader quick on his or her feet. Gets things done and feels powerful as a result.

Shoe Style: Super-high heeled stilettos
Low-slung V-shaped nose and aggressive ready-to-pounce stance
Car: Chevrolet Camaro or Corvette
Owner’s Footprint: Sexy, confident with a wild streak. Knows where sex appeal can get them.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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