Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Previews Next G Series

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Previews Next G Series

Among the throngs of beastly powered sports cars, a little news about the design for Infiniti’s future G Series cars surfaced through the Emerg-E concept.

Infiniti has a very distinctive look now, in the front grille and in the shape of the body. But I’d like to make it a little younger and more athletic, and thin it down,” said Shiro Nakamura, global design chief of Nissan Motor Co. in an interview with Automotive News.

As the next line slated for an update, the G Series will be the first production reflection of Nakamura’s new design philosophy which is being previewed in the brand’s plug-in hybrid Emerg-E supercar.

“The next G will see a similar direction,” Nakamura said. “We avoided making it a wedge shape, which is typical of mid-engine cars. We don’t want a wedge shape for Infiniti.”

Aside from getting a new look, expect the upcoming G Series to be lighter, leaner and more athletic. While it isn’t likely that the new G Series will look as extreme as the Emerg-E, it makes sense that the more fluid, muscular styling will translate across the brand. For those that haven’t followed the brand’s design progression, comparing the G35 sedan and coupe against the following G37 shows obvious progress in the same direction.

GALLERY: Infiniti Emerge-E Concept


[Source: Automotive News]