Toyota Auris Stars in Japanese ‘Spanking Orchestra’

Toyota’s new Auris campaign in Japan has already spawned a music video featuring a singer who identifies as transgender. The Auris is now also the center of an art display called “Spanking Orchestra.”

The impressive drumming display features robotic hands attached to the Auris and a pair of arms nearby to make music. The hands and arms are electronically controlled to slap and clap in rhythm to create an astounding aural display.

Toyota employed Nobumichi Tosa, the man behind “nonsense machine” manufacturer, Maywa Denki, to create the orchestra. Having made remote-controlled tap-shoes, Tosa is the ideal choice to make the Auris into the center of a drumming orchestra, if that can even be counted as a legitimate vocation.

The display is part of the “Daikanyama Art Street” festival that went on last week in Tokyo’s  Yamate Dori area. This was the same festival that produced the aforementioned music video. Toyota’s promotion of the new Auris in Japan first caught the North American media’s attention with two ads featuring a model who identifies as transgender but things seem to be getting weirder and weirder.

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