Meet Nissan’s New ‘Director of Excitement:’ Usain Bolt

Meet Nissan’s New ‘Director of Excitement:’ Usain Bolt

Nissan announced a partnership in June with Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt –  the world’s fastest man. 

That relationship has already grown as Usain Bolt is now the honorary “Director of Excitement” for the Japanese automaker as well as a brand ambassador for the GT-R.

As the world’s fastest man, Bolt has a thing for fast cars too. He personally owns a Nissan GT-R and joins Formula One driver Mark Webber on Nissan’s new “What If” advertising campaign. Recently, Bolt flew to Japan, where Webber picked him up from the airport in a GT-R.

The uniquely-painted gold GT-R seen above was presented to him while he was in Japan, which Bolt has announced he will be auctioning off with the proceeds to benefit his Usain Bolt Foundation charity. The one-off GT-R sports Bolt’s signature embossed on it, and a number of trim pieces are finished in real gold. It will be sold on eBay.

That’s not all though. Nissan will be developing a personalized GT-R for Bolt.

He visited the automaker’s proving grounds where it recorded Bolt’s reaction times, acceleration, and other handling capabilities. The “Bolt-personalized” GT-R is just the beginning as Nissan will be working with the Olympian to create a limited-edition GT-R that will be sold to the public.

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