2014 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Details Released


Next year, Mercedes-Benz will be unveiling its updated S-Class model along with a new CL-Class which will essentially be the S-Class in two-door form.

The new 2014 CL will be based on the German automaker’s new MRA modular rear-wheel drive platform packed with new-generation technology. It will also be lighter and more rigid than its predecessor in addition to introducing a new four-link front axle. According to sources, the re-engineered front axle setup separates the steering and braking forces from the spring and damper action.

And while the new S-Class will offer a four-cylinder powerplant for the first time, the more sporty CL-coupe will stick with larger, more performance-oriented powerplants. The base models will be equipped with V6s, while enthusiasts can opt for a V8, and all the way up to a V12 found in the current CL65 AMG. Eventually, the automaker will replace the V6 with a straight-six engine.

To spring some weight from the CL’s body, Mercedes will turn to carbon fiber for some of its body panels, such as the roof and doors. Stepping inside, the dash will get a complete redesign to modernize the interior.

[Source: Car UK]