Lexus IS-F Coupe All But Confirmed

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

“A V8 engine will fit, you could make that assumption,” says Lexus marketing boss Brian Bolain, speaking of the new LF-CC Concept at the SEMA Show last week.

“Looking at everything from a 4-cylinder to an 8-cylinder will fit,” he confirms, but the V8 is the exciting aspect, foreshadowing an all-but-confirmed IS-F Coupe. Apart from the LFA supercar, there hasn’t been a performance two-door in the Lexus lineup since the SC was axed in 2010.

As for what this new IS will look like, the LF-CC is a clear indication. “It’s very indicative of reality,” says Bolain. In particular he points to the monoform grille, which he says will first find its way onto the upcoming 2014 IS F-Sport sedan.

Lexus first introduced its signature Spindle Grille on the new GS sedan, though in less dramatic fashion than on the LF-Gh concept that came before it. There it was a single unit, whereas on the GS and subsequent models it has been split into top and bottom sections along the bumper line.

Bolain promises the large single grille will make it to production on the IS – the F-Sport model in particular.

“Design is not something we’ve ever been given credit for,” he says, instead pointing out traits Lexus is usually associated with, like quality, reputation and customer service. “Design has got to become one of our hallmarks,” he insists, if Lexus is going to become a global tier-one luxury brand. “With LF-LC and LF-CC we’re starting to prove to outsiders we can do it.”

That said, we’re also likely to see it on future coupes, he hints, adding that Lexus will use more dramatic design language for its more performance-oriented models.

Colum Wood
Colum Wood

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