NHTSA Backup Camera Ruling Delayed Again

NHTSA Backup Camera Ruling Delayed Again

After transportation Secretary Ray Lahood said that a ruling would be made by December 31 on a law mandating backup cameras in cars, NHTSA confirmed today that a final version of the rule is still under review at the White House.

The original proposition for the bill came from Congress back in 2007, as a measure that would prevent back-up accidents, especially cases that injure and kill children. Originally, the law was supposed to be completed by February 2011, but has been pushed back continuously since then.

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The biggest issue surrounding the rule is the increased cost it will take to fit screens into vehicles that don’t already have one, which NHTSA estimates will add $159 to $203 per vehicle.

NHTSA says that it “remains committed to improving rearview visibility for the nation’s fleet and will issue a final rule upon completion of the regulatory review process.”

[Source: Automotive News]