Toyota Supra Bombshell Dropped by Toyota VP

Toyota Supra Bombshell Dropped by Toyota VP

After the launch of the Scion FR-S, what direction is Toyota headed when it comes to sports cars? In a sit-down interview today at the Detroit Auto Show, company Senior Vice President Bob Carter gave a big hint, even using the word “Supra.”

Carter responded to a question about another rear-wheel drive Toyota vehicle, saying “We’re not announcing any new products but you know, we do have the Supra nameplate.”

There certainly could be a sportier future for the Japanese automaker, thanks to the huge global success of the Toyota GT 86 and Scion FR-S (’s Car of the Year)

Toyota also foreshadowed a sportier looking Corolla this year at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show with the Furia Concept car.

Rear-wheel drive is just one of the many elements associated with the Supra nameplate, along with turbocharging and inline six-cylinder engines. As last week’s Tokyo Auto Salon proved, Toyota is still a popular choice among enthusiasts, with the GT86

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One Toyota concept in particular was showcased in Tokyo last week, with a GT86 that was inspired by the Supra and built by the brand’s motorsports partner Gazoo Racing. It even featured a twincharged (supercharged and turbocharged) engine making 330 hp.

While the Supra rumors have been swirling around for quite some time, perhaps 2013 is the year we finally get more information on the revival of the brand-defining sports car.

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