Massive Growth Predicted for Hydrogen Vehicles: Study

Outlandish as it might seem, a new study is predicting that there could be as many as 1.6 million hydrogen-powered vehicles on U.K. roads by 2030.

Hydrogen cars have been quietly percolating in the background while other technologies like hybrids and pure electric cars moved to the forefront. That doesn’t mean the cars that emit only water are dead, though. Toyota has been working on developing a commercially viable hydrogen car and is hoping to launch its product by 2015.

For example, the FCV-R concept seen above was first shown during the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

The study finds that up to 10 percent of new car buyers are interested in fuel cell vehicles. The problem is that there isn’t currently proper fueling infrastructure in place — a problem that currently plagues electric cars.

It might be an issue that can be overcome, though. The study also found that a network of 65 stations would be enough to cater to early sales, but the need would grow to 1,150 sites with the projected growth.

GALLERY: Toyota FCV-R Fuel Cell Concept

Toyota FCV-R Concept 01.JPGToyota FCV-R Concept 02.JPGToyota FCV-R Concept 03.JPGToyota FCV-R Concept 04.JPGToyota FCV-R Concept 05.JPGToyota FCV-R Concept 06.JPG

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