Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Concept Hits the Track at Spa

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Concept Hits the Track at Spa

Taking a new Toyota Yaris to Spa-Francorchamps for a photo shoot might seem like a waste of a world-class racetrack, but this is hardly any old Yaris.

Called the Yaris Hybrid R Concept it’s an innovative technology project and delivers a very impressive 420 hp. It manages that by using a hybrid system that mimics what Toyota uses in its TS030 World Endurance Championship race car. The four-cylinder engine sends about 300 hp to the front wheels while the rears are powered by two rear-mounted electric motors.

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While there’s almost zero liklihood of a Yaris like this seeing production, Toyota is likely using the hopped-up econo-box as a way to preview next-generation technology that will find its way into future sports cars.

Look for more details when Toyota reveals the Yaris Hybrid R Concept in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

GALLERY: Toyota Yaris Hybrid R Concept


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