Toyota Hydrogen Car to Ride on Lexus Platform

Toyota Hydrogen Car to Ride on Lexus Platform

When Toyota’s much talked-about hydrogen fuel cell vehicle arrives, it will ride on modified underpinnings from the now defunct Lexus HS250.

A name hasn’t been announced for the vehicle, but Toyota says cost associated with building the vehicles have been reduced. According to the company, initial prototypes cost $1 million each. Toyota has since manage to reduce those costs.

Now, Toyota will be able to start selling the vehicles for between $50,000 and $100,000. The company has already committed to selling its hydrogen-powered car by 2015, and has said that by 2020, it will be priced similarly to plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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Driving range is supposed to be about 311 miles per fueling, which places the vehicles in similar territory as a Tesla Model S. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles don’t require recharging like the Model S or other electric cars, but refueling infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Currently, there are only 10 stations in the U.S.

But Toyota isn’t the only company working to bring the technology to market. Honda currently offers a limited number of its hydrogen-powered mid-size FCX Clarity sedans and it is expected to release the new generation by 2015. Hyundai is also planning to begin selling hydrogen-powered vehicles in the next year.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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