Cadillac ELR Specs Show Differences From Volt

Cadillac has released specifications for the new ELR revealing that the car will be only slightly faster than the Chevrolet Volt on which it is based. 

The ELR will make the jump from 0 to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds, exactly one second faster than the Volt, though that is only when the 1.4-liter gas engine is working. When running on solely electric power, the ELR takes the same amount of time to get to 60 as the its blue collar cousin. Top speed is marginally better for the ELR, coming in at 106 mph, a whole 5 mph faster than the Volt.

So performance is slightly better in the ELR, but range is slightly worse, likely due to the Cadillac’s heavier weight. The ELR tips the scales at 4,050 lbs while the Volt weighs in at 3,785 lbs.

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Cadillac expects the ELR to get 37 miles of all-electric driving out of a single charge, one less mile than can be expected in a Volt. Total range is down 34 miles compared to the Chevy, with the ELR achieving 345 miles on a full tank of gas and a full charge.

Cadillac says that the ELR will take between 12.5 and 18 hours to fully charge with a 120V charger, or about five hours to fully charge with a 240V charging station.

Finally, the ELR carries a base price of $75,995 with delivery but before tax incentives, a full $41,000 more than than a base Chevy Volt, which costs $34,995 before tax incentives.

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