Caterham Expands US Lineup by Two Models

Caterham announced today that is expanding the number of cars available to its customers in the U.S. by two.

Along with the Seven 280 and 620R, the company also plans to start shipping the 360 and 480 $44,900 and $52,900 respectively and pre-powertrain installation. Once it arrives, you can power the car with a Ford Duratec 2.0 four-cylinder engine. Caterham’s announcement comes in conjunction with the start of Monterey Auto Week.

As you probably already know, Caterham Seven ownership in the U.S. comes with complications. You need to import them as a rolling chassis, through Irvine, Calif.- based Superformance. The 360 will reach 62 MPH in 4.9 seconds if tuned to 180 hp while the 480 (tuned to 237 MPH) will do that in 3.4. The slower version has a top speed of 130 mph while the 480 will hit 140.

Superformance started serving as the official distributor for Caterham cars in the U.S. in January and already lists both vehicles on its retail site.

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