Johnson Controls Experimenting with Color Changing Interiors

A company is experimenting with technology that would allow drivers to change the colors of their interior.

Johnson Controls is looking at developing vehicle interior surfaces that could change colors to match the mood of its driver. According to the company’s vice president of advanced product development, Han Hendriks, the technology would be especially useful for vehicles that are used by ride-sharing services. At the center of the research are plastic surfaces that can change color, a feature that could appeal to the growing and affluent Chinese market.

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Hendriks’ product research team currently conducts its work in three technical centers in Dusseldorf, Shanghai and Holland, Michigan. His team is part of JCI’s newly formed venture with Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co. The company is also working on odor filters that will ideally minimize any traces left behind by a vehicle’s previous owner or borrower.

[Source: Automotive News]