Last Lexus IS F Leaves the Building


It’s the end of an automotive era in Tahara, Japan, where the Lexus IS-F was built up until today.

Toyota’s luxury brand let the last of its V8-powered IS sedans off the line today, book-ending the brand’s first serious performance product. Lexus sold roughly 12,000 of the 416-hp sport sedans over the course of its life cycle.

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So far, the company hasn’t confirmed plans for a direct replacement and with the two-door RC F waiting in the wings, that might not turn out to be the case. Still, a sedan version of the company’s new sports coupe could prove to be a compelling option. The new RC F has 450 hp on tap and exciting as the car is, coupes aren’t always easy to sell. If Lexus wants to take the performance fight to the German brands that it aspires to stand beside, a replacement wouldn’t hurt.

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