Porsche Exclusive Series Panamera a Two-Tone Wonder


Porsche is set to premiere a new limited edition of their Panamera luxury sedan and it’s called the Exclusive Series.

Based on the Turbo S Executive model, production of these high-end four-doors is limited to just 100 units. Assembly is completed in the company’s unique Exclusive Factory.

Under the hood Panamera Exclusive Series cars feature a 4.8-liter turbocharged V8 engine that delivers 570 hp . Torque measures 553 lb-ft, 590 if you access the over-boost feature.

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But massive amounts of power aren’t the only thing this car lays claim to. Probably the most striking feature is its two-tone paint. These beauties are dressed in a graduated black and chestnut-brown finish that’s applied by hand. Exclusive models also ride on black 20-inch wheels.

Lots of attention has been paid inside as well. These cars’ cabins are dressed in supple, hand-picked leather for an opulent feel. Additionally, each one features a special build tag and serial number so the owner knows just how special their Porsche is.

The Panamera Exclusive Series also debuts the company’s new Rear Seat Entertainment System Plus, which features two 10.1-inch touch-screens. These displays also have integrated cameras and DVD players so passengers can work or play if they desire.

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Upping the fanciness, a beautiful, extra-cost five-piece set of luggage is also on the menu for truly discriminating buyers. It’s made out of the same top-end leather that coats the rest of the cabin.

Base price for the new Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series is $264,895, including $995 for destination and delivery. This car will make its world premiere at next month’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

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