Toyota Camry Body Hides Purpose-Built Drag Car

Toyota brought the ultimate sleeper car to this year’s SEMA Show.

Toyota’s Motorsports Technical Center ripped the skin off of a Camry and draped it over a full tube-frame chassis housing a beastly powertrain. A supercharged version of the Tundra’s 5.7-liter V8, transmission, rear axle and electronics running a wet nitrous system add up to one thing: a Camry – using that name loosely – built for one purpose: drag racing.

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The powertrain sends 850 hp to a set of drag racing tires at the rear and Toyota says the Sleeper Camry will run the quarter mile in 9.8 seconds although that number is only an estimate.

Toyota refers to the Sleeper Camry as the most extreme build it has ever taken on, highlighting that it completed the project from start to finish in 11 weeks.

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GALLERY: Sleeper Camry Dragster Live Photos


GALLERY: Sleeper Camry Dragster


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Bill says:

Like said before, Toyota’s exaggerated inverted front grille designs don’t look good and are UGLY! I would love to buy the cars but those front grille treatments stop me! They have to go as well as the employees who are the designers doing this ugly design. Toyota change your front grilles!

skysi says:

Someone has to be fired for that god-awful front grill design.

Brian E Mockensturm says:

No, consumers need to be fired for like it. Most people like that grill. That is why it is on most Toyota sedans.