The Baby Honda NSX Could Look Like This


Recent patent filings revealed that Honda is working on a baby NSX and here’s what it could look like once it sees production.

These artist renderings bring the patent sketches to life, revealing a smaller sports car that shares design cues with the NSX hybrid sports car and Honda’s new S660.

At first look it’s remarkably similar to the NSX, but on closer inspection more details are revealed. It’s a bit more compressed than that car, with a shorter overall wheelbase. Of note, the front wheels jut into the doors, rather than sitting in front of them like on the NSX.


In addition, it has a less pointed hood and a higher engine area, while the rear end is unique compared to the current NSX model.

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Supposedly created in Honda’s American design studio, the sports car still remains a mystery and Honda won’t comment whether or not it’ll become a reality, even in concept form.

It is likely that this future sports car is meant to bridge the gap between the S660 and the NSX, acting as a spiritual successor to the iconic S2000.

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