Subaru VIZIV Future Concept Looks Great, Drives Itself


Subaru unveiled a pair of design studies at the Tokyo Motor Show. This one happens to be called the VIZIV Future Concept.

As for mechanical bits, it features an electrified powertrain, one with a downsized, turbocharged engine at its heart. This next-generation powerplant was supposedly borrowed from the company’s XV Hybrid model and features best-in-segment thermal efficiency for enhanced fuel economy.

But this isn’t where the VIZIV Future Concept really shines. Instead, cutting-edge technology is what counts here.

Subaru engineers have been hard at work developing autonomous driving technology, like just about everyone else in the industry, but whatever. To deliver this groundbreaking feature they tapped into the power of their existing EyeSight system.

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With stereo cameras, this suite already provides a host of advanced assistance features like adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning and pre-collision braking. But in the VIZIV Future Concept, EyeSight is augmented by around-vehicle radar and highly accurate GPS. These extras allow this crossover to drive straight ahead all on its own while avoiding obstacles and other vehicles. However, in urban situations it’s also capable of avoiding pedestrians and bicyclists while turning corners or backing up.

Adding another feather to its cap, this vehicle can park itself, either at your home or in a commercial space.

Now, beyond all of this, what Subaru would be complete without all-wheel drive, other than the BRZ coupe of course? To achieve four-wheel grip, this concept features a single electric motor at the rear, which powers both aft wheels, an unexpected benefit of hybrid technology.

According to Subaru the VIZIV Future Concept is designed to convey a sense of “high density” and “sturdiness.” That seems reasonable, with those extended fenders and signature hexagonal grille. All in all this vehicle looks pretty much ready for production so don’t be surprised to see it on the road sooner rather than later.

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