Kahn Design is Putting its Own Spin on the Aston Martin DB9

Kahn Design will show off its version of the Aston Martin DB9 at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The Kahn Design Vengeance is a coachbuilt sports coupe that’s received the blessing of Aston Martin. While Kahn Design has released a teaser of the sports car seen above, Autoblog has confirmed with Aston Martin that the British automaker will “supply a very limited number of DB9s for an extensive coachbuild conversion.”

Details on the Kahn Design Vengeance have been revealed by Autocar, with the modified Aston Martin DB9 boasting 20-inch wheels up front and larger 21s in the rear. The factory Aston Martin DB9 front grille has been replaced with a new, seven-bar vertical grille for a more aggressive appearance.

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Kahn Design has said that the Vengeance will be built in the Midlands to pay homage to Britain’s manufacturing heritage and it will be limited. Each unit will feature a plaque in the trunk signed by every member of the team who built it, while every owner will also be given previews of future bespoke Kahn Design vehicles and invitations to buy them.

“Aston Martin has always been an inspiration, in particular the early Vanquish and the V600 Vantage wide bodies, and I’m grateful for their agreement, and for wishing us success on this project,” said Kahn Design owner and founder Afzal Kahn. “The Vengeance pays homage to those classic designs while using modern engineering to create something unique and original which reflects my own style.”

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