Honda Trademarks ZSX, Could End Up on Baby NSX

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer
honda trademarks zsx could end up on baby nsx

Honda has trademarked a new nameplate, ZSX, which could end up on its new baby NSX ( rendered above).

The new small mid-engined sports car was first revealed by a trademark filing, and now, a new filing to protect the name ZSX is offering a hint as to what the car will be called. Rumor has it that when the car arrives, it will have a Honda badge, though it will likely use a mid-mounted engine mated to electric motors just like the Acura NSX sports car.

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Despite the ZSX badge working well with the new sports car, there are plenty of other opportunities for Honda to use it as well, including on its MSX motorcycle. The trademark filing isn’t only for automobiles either, but also for motorcycles, planes, boats and even for space vehicles, leaving the door open for plenty of different uses.

The ZSX trademark is so far only for Europe, while the brand’s previous design trademarks were all for both Europe and the U.S.

We’re not sure exactly what the product will be, but watch for a new ZSX from Honda to surface sometime in the future.

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