Top 10 Least Reliable Car Brands

Top 10 Least Reliable Car Brands

American automakers are proving to be the least reliable on the market.

According to Consumer Reports‘ 2016 Annual Auto Reliability Survey, American automakers continue to turn in poor scores when it comes to reliability. The annual survey ranks automakers based on the predicted reliability of their product lines, with this year’s survey gathering data from more than 500,000 subscribers that have bought or leased a new vehicle between model year 2000 and 2017.

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In total, this year’s survey analyzed more than 300 models and you can see the top 10 least reliable car brands below.

10. Lincoln


Lincoln dropped four spots this year to be the 10th worst automaker when it comes to reliability. With three models involved in the survey, the American automaker had an average reliability score of 33. Helping it score poorly on the survey is the MyLincoln Touch infotainment systems, which have proved troublesome with owners. In addition, the Lincoln MKX is no longer recommended by the publication due to declining reliability.

9. Cadillac


Cadillac may be working to change its image all around the world, and this year it actually rose four spots in the overall rankings to 21st place overall. With four models evaluated, the American automaker had an average reliability score of 32. Helping boost its image is the Cadillac XTS, which is newly recommended due to improved reliability.

8. Volkswagen


As if Volkswagen needed any more negative press. The German automaker is battling a multi-billion dollar diesel scandal and three of its models are no longer recommended by Consumer Reports: Jetta, Passat and GTI. The company had an average reliability score of 30 and dropped nine ranks compared to last year.

7. Jeep


Jeep rose four spots to 23rd overall, with five models surveyed earning an average reliability score of 30. The brand is one of the only bright spots in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) portfolio, ranking highest among the brands sold in the U.S.

6. GMC


GMC dropped five spots to 24th overall this year with its seven models earning an average reliability score of 29. Although the American automaker shares many of its components with Chevrolet, it has poor reliability mostly because its lineup consists of SUVs and pickup trucks.

5. Tesla


It’s Tesla’s first appearance on the Annual Auto Reliability Survey and its results aren’t pretty. Both the Model S and Model X were considered, earning an average reliability score of just 28. According to Consumer Reports, the Tesla Model S did improve to average reliability, but the Model X has been plagued with malfunctions, including its complex Falcon-wing doors.

4. Dodge


And so begins the rest of FCA’s portfolio in the U.S., with Dodge scoring 28, tying with Tesla. The American automaker had five models considered for the survey, resulting in a three-position drop to 26th overall. In addition, the Dodge Durango is no longer recommended by the publication becaues of declining reliability.

3. Chrysler


Next on the list is Chrysler, dropping five spots to 27th overall and scoring just 26. Two models were considered in the survey and it’s worth noting the Chrysler 300 is newly recommended by Consumer Reports due to improved reliability.

2. Fiat


Fiat stayed in the same spot it earned last year, as the second to worst automaker on the list. Two models were evaluated earning an average reliability score of just 17.

1. Ram


And the least reliable car brand on this year’s survey is Ram, dropping three spots to 29th overall. Only two models were considered, averaging a score of 16. Not a single vehicle from either Ram or Fiat earned an average reliability rating in this year’s survey.

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