Tesla’s Troubles, Chrysler Lemons and Why I HATE the Lincoln MKS: The Skinny with Craig Cole


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You have comments, I have responses. That’s how this relationship works.

I pump out the highest quality, most entertaining insightful and humorous (in my not-so-humble opinion) videos and you, our respected, loyal and knowledgeable audience respond with feedback, both encouraging and enraging. It’s a very simple transaction.

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In the past weeks and months, I’ve sounded off on a variety of issues in The Skinny series of editorials, from how difficult things are getting for backyard mechanics to Tesla’s controversial Autopilot system to just how reliable modern vehicles have become. Naturally, you had a lot to say about these topics and others I yammered about.

Given your enthusiastic reaction, it’s high time for another Mailbag edition of The Skinny, where I respond to your questions and comments. It’s a wild ride, so make sure to buckle up before hitting “play” on the video above.

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