It Sucks That We Can’t Fix Our Own Cars These Days: The Skinny with Craig Cole


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Many vehicle owner’s manuals are thicker than a large-print Bible and weigh as much a waterlogged mattress. When did things get so complicated?

Today’s vehicles are absolute marvels of engineering. The things they’re capable of are nothing short of astounding. You can roll down the road at triple-digit speeds while watching your favorite movie in climate-controlled comfort as a satellite-powered navigation system ensures your chauffeur never misses a turn.

There are backup cameras, cutting-edge all-wheel-drive systems, self-parking capability, massively powerful engines and more, all surrounded by an impenetrable layer of crash protection. And these features aren’t even exclusive to flagship luxury models, you can get pretty much all of this in a mainstream sedan.

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Yes, today’s vehicles are so advanced it’s no wonder they come with encyclopedias in their gloveboxes. But operating instructions are one thing, maintenance and repair are another animal entirely.

Our cars and trucks may have more features, deliver better fuel economy and offer higher levels of safety than our parents and grandparents could have ever imagined, but all this complexity comes with significant tradeoffs. I explore this topic in the latest Skinny video, which you can watch above!

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