Weird BMW 'Sculpture' Thinks Holograms Are the Future

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

BMW continues to show off its future direction and the brand has brought a number of different technologies and ideas to display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The brand will be offering rides in a self-driving 5 Series at CES, though that isn’t the most impressive or futuristic technology being showcased.

BMW is focusing on technology that will work in conjunction with self-driving cars, such as a system that will offer information on passing buildings or places. The driver must simply point as the building, and thanks to gesture control, the car will bring up the requested info.

That is also the reason the BMW i Inside Future sculpture was brought to CES 2017; to show exactly what can be done with the interior of a self-driving car when the occupants don’t have to worry about driving. It starts with the HoloActive Touch system, which is a new kind of user interface that has a free-floating virtual display that users control with their hands, though no physical contact is ever made with the car. Haptic feedback is even offered thanks to ultrasonic sound.

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The fruits of new partnerships with existing tech systems are also being shown off at CES including integration of Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant, allowing BMW drivers to do a myriad of tasks using voice control including reserving a table at a restaurant or searching for a destination. A partnership has also been formed with Amazon Prime Now, allowing drivers to order things while en-route using the car’s infotainment system.

BMW is working for further connection between all areas of our lives and is using a new system it calls the BMW Connected Window to do so. This system takes into account all the information from your car and from your home that is relevant to your plans and will inform you what actions need to be taken for your daily mobility. A large screen in the user’s home will also display the same information and will help to plan your day based on all the data it collects from the home and car.

It’s clear that BMW is pushing hard for self-driving cars and you can be sure that insides of these smart machines won’t leave the passengers bored.

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