Feds Preparing to Sue FCA Over Diesel Emissions

The U.S. Justice Department is gearing up to sue Fiat Chrysler Automobiles over an issue with diesel emissions if talks don’t end amicably. 

According to Automotive News, a lawsuit could be filed as early as this week seeking damages for FCA’s alleged use of a defeat device in its vehicles fit with the 3.0-liter diesel engine. Negotiations are currently underway between FCA and the Justice Department, but a suitable agreement has yet to be reached.

FCA has clearly said that its diesel emissions software is not designed to cheat on emissions tests, as was the case with Volkswagen. Despite this, investigators say that FCA has not been able to offer an explanation for some of its diesel emissions controls that pleases the Justice Department.

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The problem seems to stem from the selective catalytic reduction system. “Every auto manufacturer must employ various strategies to control tailpipe emissions in order to balance EPA’s regulatory requirements for low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and requirements for engine durability and performance, safety and fuel efficiency. FCA US believes that its emission control systems meet the applicable requirements,” the company said in a statement.

When the initial notice was issued in January of this year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that FCA has failed to disclose certain auxiliary emissions control devices, and that test data showed that emissions exceeded allowable levels under certain driving conditions.

FCA still isn’t able to sell its 2017 3.0-liter diesel vehicles and won’t be able to until it can prove that the emissions software inside of them is all legal.

[Source: Automotive News]

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