Top 10 New Cars People Keep the Longest


Toyota owners love their cars.

According to a new study conducted by iSeeCars, the average vehicle is kept by its owner for 7.3 years, but four Toyota models are kept well beyond the average length of ownership. The automotive research firm analyzed over 15.7 million used vehicles sold by original owners to determine when new car owners sell their cars. For the top 10 models, the average ownership ranges from 8.8 years to 10.6 years, or 21 to 45 percent longer than the overall average of 7.3 years.

Here are the Top 10 new cars that owners keep the longest:

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10. Audi TT

2017 audi tt coupe

The average Audi TT is kept by its owner for 8.8 years and it’s one of four sports cars on the list. Likely attributing to the length of ownership for the Audi TT is the time between introduction of new models. Both the first- and second-generation Audi TT sports cars stayed on the market for eight years a piece.

9. Toyota 4Runner

2014 toyota 4runner

The first of four Toyota vehicles on the list is the 4Runner SUV, which owners kept an average of 8.8 years. The reliable SUV has become a familiar sight in Toyota’s lineup and it’s no surprise owners hold onto them longer than average.

8. Toyota Avalon

2016 toyota avalon

The Toyota Avalon is the only sedan on the list at 8.8 years. The Toyota Camry doesn’t break into the top 10 at an average ownership of 8 years, although the Accord is closer at 8.4 years.

7. Chevrolet Corvette

2018 chevrolet corvette carbon65 edition

Like the first three cars on the list, the average Chevrolet Corvette is kept by its owner for 8.8 years. It’s the only American sports car that’s ranked in the top 10 and we’re sure Corvette owners have a huge list of reasons why they don’t find a need to replace their cars.

6. Toyota Sequoia

2010 toyota sequoia

One possible reason why Toyota Sequoia owners hold onto their SUVs for an average of 8.9 years is because Toyota hasn’t given them a reason to upgrade. The Sequoia is one of the oldest models in the Japanese automaker’s lineup, having received minor updates since the current generation was introduced in 2008.

5. Ford Explorer

2017 ford explorer

Another SUV getting plenty of use out of its owners is the Ford Explorer, with an average of 8.9 years of ownership. If you’re looking at just America’s most popular cars, the Ford Explorer has the longest length of ownership for popular cars, beating out the Honda Accord (8.4 years) and the Toyota Camry (8 years).

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4. Mercedes-Benz SLK

2014 mercedes-benz slk

The model no longer exists in Mercedes-Benz‘s lineup, but it appears SLK owners love their luxury convertibles. The average owner holds onto it for 9 years, also making it second-ranked among new passenger cars owners keep the longest.

3. Ford Expedition

2018 ford expedition

Similar to the Ford Explorer, the Ford Expedition lands on the list, joining other SUVs. One strong possibility is that families hold onto their SUVs until their kids get older, knowing that their new cars won’t get messed up by children.

2. Porsche Boxster

2017 porsche 718 boxster s

It might be Porsche‘s entry-level model, but owners hold onto their Boxsters for an average of 9.9 years, making it the longest-owned sports car on the list. And considering how subtle Porsche’s design changes are across generations, it’s little surprise owners don’t feel a need to upgrade every few years.

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1. Toyota Land Cruiser

2016 toyota land cruiser

The vehicle owners keep the longest on average is the Toyota Land Cruiser, at 10.6 years of ownership. The Land Cruiser also has one of the richest histories in Toyota’s lineup, having existed in one form or another since the 1950s. The current model has been in production since late 2007 as a 2008 model year, and like the Sequoia, Toyota is giving owners little reason to upgrade.

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