Mercedes-Benz's First Pickup Truck is Debuting This Month

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the X-Class pickup will be unveiled on July 18, 2017.

Touted as the “first of a new kind,” the Mercedes X-Class was previewed last year with a concept of the same name and will be based on the Nissan Navara. When it launches, it will be offered in European, Asian, and South American markets, which means it won’t be available in North America. The company believes the pickup is too small for American shoppers.

Expect more details to be announced on the X-Class when it’s introduced later this month, but the range-topping model should feature a V6 diesel engine under the hood. The truck will also have 4MATIC all-wheel drive, a transfer case with low-range gears, and two lockable differentials.

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Mercedes previously announced the X-Class will be rated to tow around 7,000 pounds and haul 2,200 lbs of payload.

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Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Cromicacid Cromicacid on Jul 09, 2017

    Durability and Mercedes is something that DOES NOT go hand and hand. If anyone is thinking they can use this new "X" class for work (to earn money) they are delusional. You will end up having to go to work just to pay the bills needed to repair this "truck." I am not just bashing benz here. If Audi and BMW did this I would say the exact same thing about them. Leave the Truck business to Ford, GM, Dodge, and Toyota. We don't need another useless player entering the Truck market.

  • Thedad Thedad on Jul 10, 2017

    Basically a Mercedes powered Nissan. It should be reasonbly priced then with less electronic gizmos.