Top 10 Least Appealing Car Brands: 2017

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

Some car brands are really easy to get excited about, while others are a bit more difficult to get riled up for.

The J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study has been released, which measures vehicle owners’ emotional attachment and level of excitement across 77 attributes, ranging from the power they feel when they accelerate to the sense of comfort and luxury they feel when getting into the driver’s seat. All the 77 attributes are combined into an overall APEAL index score, measured on a 1,000-point scale.

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This year’s study is based on responses gathered from February through May 2017 from nearly 70,000 purchasers and lessees of new 2017 model-year vehicles. The owners were surveyed after 90 days of ownership.

The 2017 industry average is 810, with a dozen automakers performing under the average. Here are the 10 least appealing car brands, according to this year’s study.

10. GMC / Kia (tie)

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

GMC and Kia tied with a score of 808. Kia, however, has numerous models being recognized in this year’s study, including the Kia Cadenza, which is ranked as the highest rated model in the Large Car segment. The Kia Optima also finished third in the Midsize Car segment, while the Kia Niro is the highest ranked Small SUV. Even the Kia Soul receives recognition as the highest ranked Compact MPV – in fact, the Soul is the only Compact MPV that performs above segment average.

Last year, GMC finished above industry average (801) with a score of 802. Kia also performed better than industry average last year with a score of 807.

8. Buick (tie)

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

With a score of 805, Buick is tied in eighth place. The American automaker’s Encore model also ties for second place in the Small SUV segment with the Kia Sportage. Also, the Buick Envision ranked third in the Compact SUV segment, behind the Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue.

Buick performed under the industry average last year as well, scoring 798.

8. Subaru (tie)

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

Also scoring 805 is Subaru. Only the Subaru Outback ranked in any of the segments, coming in third in the Midsize SUV category. The Japanese automaker was the 10th-least appealing automaker last year, finishing with a score of 793.

6. Dodge (tie)

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

Another tie occurs in sixth place, with Dodge scoring 795. The American automaker does get to brag about having the highest ranked Midsize Sporty Car with the Dodge Challenger beating out the Chevrolet Camaro. The Dodge Charger also ranks third in the Large Car segment.

Dodge finished as the ninth-least appealing automaker in last year’s study with a score of 791.

6. Hyundai (tie)

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

Tied with Dodge is Hyundai, which owners are finding less appealing than Kia with a score of 795. And unlike Kia, none of Hyundai’s models received recognition in their respective categories.

Last year, Hyundai scored 795, which was below the industry average, but it managed to stay out of the bottom 10.

5. Mazda

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

With a score of 793, Mazda is the fifth-least appealing automaker in this year’s study. Like Hyundai, the Japanese automaker has no models that finished in the top three of their categories.

Mazda was the seventh-least appealing automaker last year with a score of 783.

4. Toyota

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

Toyota may be known for its reliability, but the Japanese automaker’s cars aren’t exciting their owners. The company finished with a score of 792 in this year’s study, but the Toyota Yaris did finish third in the Small Car segment.

Toyota did avoid being in the bottom 10 in last year’s study, but it did score under the industry average with 796.

3. Jeep

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

With a score of 773, Jeep is the third-least appealing automaker for 2017. None of Jeep’s models were recognized in their respective categories.

Jeep holds the same spot as it did last year when it scored 756.

2. Fiat

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

Fiat scored 752 in this year’s study, making it the second-least appealing automaker. Not surprisingly, none of the Italian automaker’s models ranked in their respective segments.

Like Jeep, Fiat finished as the second-least appealing automaker in last year’s study with a score of 755.

1. Mitsubishi

top 10 least appealing car brands 2017

The least appealing car brand in this year’s J.D. Power study is Mitsubishi, with a score of 750. Like the rest of the bottom finishers, none of the automaker’s models finished in the top three in their segments.

With a score of 770, Mitsubishi was the fourth-least appealing automaker last year. But this year’s study paints a different picture for the Japanese automaker.

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