Ferrari Enzo Designer’s New Car Looks Like a Lamborghini

A photo of the Ken Okuyama Cars Kode 0-Zero has leaked ahead of its official debut.

Set to bow at 2017 Monterey Car Week, the Kode 0-Zero comes from Ken Okuyama, the designer behind the Ferrari Enzo. It’s a one-off supercar that is powered by a mid-engine V12 in a carbon fiber monocoque with wedge-like styling that makes it almost appear like a really expensive door stop. We won’t blame you if the overall body lines remind you of a Lamborghini, while the narrow-edged front end is a bit Bertone-esque. Looking at it, we’re reminded of the Alfa Romeo Carabo.

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The Kode 0-Zero is the first one-off car Ken Okuyama Cars has ever produced, and serves as a successor to the Kode 57 that saw a limited production run of five units. The Kode 57 will also be present at Monterey Car Week.

Look for more details on the Kode 0-Zero once it debuts at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering later this week.

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