The Nissan 370Z Could be the Last Z Car


The Nissan 370Z could be the last-ever two-door Z coupe, if remarks by Nissan’s product planning boss Phillipe Klein are any indication.

Speaking to Australia’s CarAdvice at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Klein recognized the declining demand for two-door sports coupes like the 370Z. That doesn’t mean the brand wants to abandon fun cars in altogether, but rather package them differently.

“There is a lot of passion behind this vehicle,” Klein said. “At the same time it’s a segment that is gradually declining, making the case more difficult.”

“We have no intention to quit excitement, but we’re going to make it happen in different ways.”

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Back in 2015, Nissan unveiled the Gripz concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Taking inspiration from 240Z-based rally cars, the Gripz was a two-door coupe crossover with an interior that looked very Z-like. Around that time, there were rumors circulating the successor to the 370Z could be a small, sporty crossover like the Gripz. Klein’s recent statements haven’t quelled these rumors – they’ve given them new life.

Nissan’s chief designer, Alfonso Albaisa, told CarAdvice that Nissan doesn’t have any set ideas about what the next Z car will be. He acknowledged the Z brand is important to Nissan, hinting that it probably won’t ever die off completely, but the fact it hasn’t even locked in an idea for what the next Z vehicle will be is a sign it’s not really a priority for the company.

“I can say we don’t have a fixed thing yet,” Albaisa said. “But how can we completely blind of the importance of that name to the company?”

[Source: CarAdvice]

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