Infiniti's First Fully Electric Vehicle Will Arrive in 2021

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
infiniti s first fully electric vehicle will arrive in 2021

Although it didn’t reveal very many details, Infiniti has promised to go electric from 2021.

The Japanese automaker plans to introduce new models with electrified powertrains from 2021, with plans to launch its first pure-electric vehicle in the same year. The goal is to have electrified vehicles comprise more than half of the company’s global sales by 2025.

Speaking at the Automotive News World Congress, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa shared the news, with the company adding that “customers can expect beautifully designed vehicles like the Q Inspiration concept shown in Detroit, with a whole new level of electrified driving performance as an evolution of Infiniti’s current powertrains.”

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Look for Infiniti to offer a mix of pure electric vehicles and e-Power vehicles, while also borrowing technologies from parent company Nissan. Infiniti’s proprietary e-Power technology features a small gasoline engine that charges a high-output battery, which eliminates the necessity of an external charging source. It provides the convenience of refueling with gasoline, while offering the same driving experience as a pure electric vehicle.

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  • Jack Woodburn Jack Woodburn on Jan 17, 2018

    Soooo...there's gonna be far more EV's than charging stations even if Musk plants them roughly 300 miles apart along Interstates coast to coast. 30-40 minutes on a supercharger to obtain an 80% charge. Two or three SC plugs for 4 or 5 EV's will be reminiscent of 1970's gas station lines during that politically manufactured shortage. I still think it'll be a generation before this whole charge to EV's (no pun intended) will take realistic evolutionary hold outside major metropolitan areas. And ICE/hybrid cars will still be the choice for car based vacations to used for roaming sea to shining sea.