Ram Quietly Introduces New Logo on Its New Pickup

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

The 2019 Ram 1500 made its debut at the 2018 Detroit auto show last week.

You might not have noticed that along with the new pickup, Ram also introduced a more modern-looking ram’s head logo. Not that we’re blaming anyone – you were probably just distracted by the new Ram’s new exterior design, giant available touchscreen or its e-Torq 48V motor-generator, which are, admittedly, more exciting features than a logo.

That’s not to say we don’t like Ram’s new logo. The updated ram’s head will appear on all Ram products going forward and is essentially a modernized, geometric take on the outgoing logo. The border is also tighter to the logo itself and incorporates the ‘RAM’ lettering in a new font.

The introduction of the 2019 Ram 1500 marked the start of a major rebranding for the truck maker. This new truck also ditches the iconic crosshair grille from the truck for good, which was left over from the days when it was still referred to as a Dodge Ram. The grille now simply says ‘RAM’ in large lettering and expands on the grille design introduced on the previous Ram Limited and Ram Rebel.

The 2019 Ram 1500 will go on sale later this year.

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Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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  • Blue Eyed Guy Blue Eyed Guy on Jan 19, 2018

    That is going to take a while to get use to seeing. What was wrong with the previous version? It was nearly perfect.

  • Taegon Lewis Taegon Lewis on Jan 21, 2018

    R.I.P. Old Crosshair-grill design (Not, just Ram; same goes to Dodge.) Still, its going to be difficult for me; looking at Rams new/current corporate fascia design. Its so... uninspiring, and bulgy. (For the Rebel, in this case.) So, in my opinion, Ill never going to recognize any Ram Truck; stylistically and spiritually, anymore.

    • Frank Yoster Frank Yoster on Jan 22, 2018

      Dont worry they will make after market grills for the new ram ...trust me .its legendary..and legends never die..;)