Mercedes is Working on a New Naming Convention, Again

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern
mercedes is working on a new naming convention again

Mercedes-Benz has filed trademark applications in Canada and multiple other markets for a number of nameplates for both standard series production models and AMGs.

The German automaker has filed trademark applications for A 40, CLA 40, SLC 40, SLC 50 and GLE 50 in Canada, and has also filed to reserve CLA 50 in Germany and globally with the World Intellectual Property Organization. In the past, Mercedes has reserved two-digit nomenclatures for AMG performance models, but we have our doubts these are for AMGs. Instead, we think they are part of a revised Mercedes naming structure that could see it toss out three-digit nameplates, such as CLA250, in favor of two-digit ones like CLA 40, for example.

The automaker also filed trademarks for names that are likely for AMG models, however. These include CLA 53, G73 and S73. This supports recent rumors that the ’73’ nameplate would return on AMG models equipped with the automaker’s new hybrid performance drivetrain, which is expected to make up to 805 hp from a 4.0-liter V8 and electric motor. The automaker also rolled out the CLS 53 and E 53 at the recent Detroit auto show, which is powered by an inline-six hybrid powertrain making 430 hp. We figured ’53’ would find its way to other Mercedes vehicles, although we’re a bit surprised to see it appear on the CLA.

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There’s one last trademark that Mercedes filed in Canada as well: Turbo 48. This badge is a bit different than the others, but we think it’s reserved for vehicles equipped with turbocharged engines and the 48V mild hybrid system that will appear on virtually every Mercedes product going forward. We could see it being used in a similar way to the ‘Biturbo’ badge seen on some Mercedes’ cars, or the old ‘Kompressor’ tag.

mercedes is working on a new naming convention again

Mercedes recently said AMG variants of the new G-Class will arrive for the 2019 model year, meaning they will debut sometime this year – likely at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March. That means we could see the so-called ‘G73’ shortly. Additionally, the new A-Class is slated to be shown tomorrow, so we may see the ‘A 40’, and Mercedes may even provide more details on this new naming structure.

Mercedes declined to comment on the trademark filings when asked.

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