Tesla Model 3 Crashes in Greece, Driver Says Autopilot Was Engaged

Tesla Model 3 Crashes in Greece, Driver Says Autopilot Was Engaged

Tesla Model 3 owner You You Xue was on a worldwide road trip showcasing his new car when it all horribly wrong.

Xue became well-known in automotive and Tesla fan circles recently for his Model 3 road trip in which he let curious car fans sample the EV. He took the car all around America and up to Canada, letting folks know where he’d be and when through his self-started ‘Tesla Model 3 Roadtrip‘ Facebook page. After showing the car to all of North America, Xue continued his trip in Europe, driving it across the continent and again letting potential Model 3 buyers get up close and personal with the car at various scheduled stops along the way.

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Unfortunately, Xue’s road trip came to an abrupt end over the weekend when he hit a highway barrier in Greece. ABC7, who spoke to Xue via Skype, reports the vehicle was in Autopilot mode at the time of the crash. Xue said he “felt the car veering severely to the right,” before it hit a highway attenuator, ripping the front driver’s side wheel off. Xue said he had one hand on the wheel at the time of the crash and was looking at his phone when the vehicle suddenly veered right.

“The software, as I learned the hard way, is very capable of swerving the car which I think is abnormal,” he told ABC7.

Tesla responded by saying that Autopilot is not yet available outside of North America, explaining that it has “no connectivity or service available for vehicles,” in Greece or elsewhere in Europe.

“Although we haven’t been able to retrieve any data from the vehicle given that the accident occurred in an unsupported area, Tesla has always been clear that the driver must remain responsible for the car at all times when using Autopilot,” the automaker said in a statement. “We’re sorry to hear that this accident occurred, and we’re glad You You is safe.”

Xue said he will receive no compensation for the crash, as he only has third-party coverage. Even though the car is likely a complete loss, he’s still looking into having the car shipped back to his home in San Francisco.

“My insurance is third-party only, which means I will receive no compensation for this collision,” he said. “I am now calling a tow truck driver who will tow the car to Thessaloniki as it is not drivable. I will make further plans, most likely to repatriate the car back to San Francisco from there. ”

Interestingly, the crash appears to have occurred at an exit fork, similar to the fatal Model X crash in California. No matter the true cause of the accident, it seems that those potential European Model 3 customers who were hoping to check out Xue’s car are now out of luck.

[Source: AB7]

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