Man Turns His 2006 Corvette Into the Ultimate RC Car

Evan Williams
by Evan Williams

Sure, scale remote control cars are cool. But what about this. It’s a full-size C6 Corvette that’s been turned into a remote control vehicle. Even better, he can still daily drive it.

Bjorn Harms from the Netherlands is a computer tech. And based on this ‘Vette he’s a good one. The 2006 Chevrolet Corvette has been outfitted with a motor controller Harms developed himself that he uses to operate the brakes, throttle, steering, and gearbox.

Harms said it took him a year to develop the controller, three months for a prototype, and another three months to make it safe to use. If the car moves out of the range of his handheld remote, it’ll brake automatically.

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Was he nervous the first time he tested it? Absolutely. Fortunately, it all worked.

How much did it cost to make the ultimate RC car? About €3,500. Not too shabby. He’s also built some other RC cars, like a real Back to the Future Delorean and a Knight Rider KITT Trans Am replica. Check out his YouTube channel for a look at the cars and how they were built.

It’s always strange to see a car doing donuts without anyone behind the wheel, but that’s probably something we’ll need to get used to as autonomous driving gets ready for prime time.

A version of this story originally appeared on GM Inside News.

Evan Williams
Evan Williams

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