The Best Ways to Tie Down a Canoe

One of the best ways to get outside and enjoy the outdoors during the spring and summer months is on the water.

Canoeing is a classic cottage time activity that many families enjoy. Others enjoy exploring lakes and rivers in kayaks. However, many family vehicles don’t have the space to store these recreational toys. Others may not want a dripping wet and dirty canoe or kayak on the interior of their vehicle. In either case, there’s no reason to let lack of space keep you from hitting the water. Take a look at a few useful ways to tie down a canoe or kayak to your vehicle.

Thule 523 Load Straps for Roof Mount Racks are the The Best Ways to Tie Down a Canoe

Vehicles already equipped with roof racks have a variety of options available. The simplest of which is to strap the canoe or kayak to the racks. Be sure to use a good set of durable straps and check them over before strapping on your roof. Thule 523 straps come in a package of two and include rubber protection over the clasps, keeping the paint and canoe or kayak safe from damage. You may also consider foam or cloth material at the base of your canoe against the racks. This should protect it against any damage that might occur while driving.

Thule 819 for Roof Mount Racks are the Best Ways to Tie Down a Canoe

A step up from simple straps would be a basic rack mounting kit. These clasps work with straps, often included in the kit, to hold down canoes and kayaks. Thule 819 Portage canoe transport system has durable all-metal construction, and weather-resistant foam pads to rest the canoe on. They should help keep things from moving around too much during travel and protect canoes from damage.

The Best Ways to Tie Down a Canoe

For adventurers on a budget, consider the SportRack SR5528, which provides basic foam mounts and strapping. Make sure both sets will work with the roof rack configuration of your vehicle.

The Best Ways to Tie Down a Canoe

Typically, the most popular choice to transport canoes or kayaks is a full mount system. These offer a more robust mounting and often include a place to stash paddles. Rhino Rack S512 attaches to most roof racks. It can be folded for storage when not in use. Paddles can be strapped in as well, letting wet gear air dry on the return trip home. Foam padding on the steel mounting points protects the canoe or kayak.

The Best Ways to Tie Down a Canoe

No roof racks? No problem. There are a variety of solutions that let you safely strap down that canoe or kayak. Car owners can use the SportRack SR5525 set to carry kayaks or canoes. It includes foam blocks to support and protect the roof and canoe. Strapping holds it tight to the roof, attached to the front and rear of the car.

The Best Ways to Tie Down a Canoe

Or, why not consider adding your own roof racks? A set of temporary soft roof racks, Like the TIROL Universal roof rack, provide protection for your canoe and roof, while adding functionality. Temporary racks would be used alongside basic straps, since most roof racks shouldn’t be mounted to this kind of solution.

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