Next Generation Lexus CT a Possibility


The Lexus CT could see a next-generation model. 

Speaking to Autocar, Toyota’s boss of European operations, Pascal Ruch, said there is room in the automaker’s lineup for both the UX crossover and the CT. The UX crossover is close in size to the CT hatchback, but with the CT still attracting a significant amount of hybrid buyers in Europe, the two can peacefully coexist in the automaker’s lineup.

“The size of the segment the CT competes in is still very significant,” Ruch said. “At the moment, I see the UX as delivering additional volume, not necessarily replacing the CT. We’ve just updated the CT, so we have at least two more years of sales to make an evaluation from. There is no rush to make a decision.”

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The CT shares a platform with the Toyota Prius and also uses a similar 1.8-liter four-cylinder hybrid powertrain, which makes 134 hp. Lexus updated the car for 2017, giving it the latest version of its large ‘spindle’ grille, but its cabin remains less advanced than the latest Lexus products. The vehicle was discontinued in the US for 2017 but remains on sale in other markets.

As Ruch said, the CT will be around in Europe for at least another two years before the automaker looks at replacing it or killing it off. It should be interesting to see if the UX, which is offered as a hybrid UX250h model, robs the CT of customers sales or simply attracts new buyers to the Lexus brand. If it does, Lexus may even decide to sell the updated model in the US. The hybrids the merrier, right?

[Source: Autocar]

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