The AutoGuide Show Ep1: We Talk Supra, Volvo XC40, BMW X1, Hyundai Kona and More

Jodi Lai
by Jodi Lai
the autoguide show ep1 we talk supra volvo xc40 bmw x1 hyundai kona and more

Welcome to a new segment we are hoping to make a regular thing (we will release a new episode every other Friday for the time being). Watch it fully or leave it running in the background, but listen in as our editors discuss automotive industry news, what they’re driving, and everything else going on in AutoGuide Land.

In this episode, Jodi, Sami and Sebastien chat about the Jaguar C-Pace, Toyota Supra, BMW X1, Volvo XC40, Hyundai Kona, Subaru BRZ TS, MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Convertible.

Important links:

Jaguar C-Pace Name Trademarked in Europe

Toyota Supra Enters NASCAR XFinity Series With Wild Styling

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  • Jonny_Vancouver Jonny_Vancouver on Jul 24, 2018

    There's also nothing wrong with the current title of "The Autoguide Show".

  • Kaffekup Kaffekup on Jul 30, 2018

    I'll agree with the name, it's fine; "Car Talk" has been taken by Consumer Reports. I would say, maybe a touch too long. How about a half hour every week instead of an hour every two? Also, more graphics of the cars you're discussing, highlighting the issues? Anyway, good job, congratulations!