You Can Now Get a Porsche 911 R 3D Puzzle

The Porsche 911 R is easily one of the most desirable modern-day 911s.

For a while, the limited-run 911 variant was the only way to get yourself into a manual 911 with the 911 GT3’s delicious 4.0-liter flat-six. This, along with its very limited availability, ensured 911 R values immediately skyrocketed upward shortly after it went on sale – making it unlikely that you’ll ever find one for sale at a reasonable price.

If you count yourself among those who love the 911 R but will never be able to afford one, we have good news. Porsche has teamed up with German toy manufacturer Ravensburger to put a 911 R 3D puzzle on sale. The 3D puzzle, which contains 108 pieces, is a highly accurate recreation of the 911 R. It’s the result of a meticulous design and development process by engineers at Ravensburger, who developed two prototypes for the puzzle before finalizing the design.

“It was a challenge to recreate the iconic shape of the Porsche 911 R as accurately and in as much detail as possible”, said Ravensburger development engineer Martin Fischer “That and dividing up the puzzle segments were the most complex steps from a technical point of view.”

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The 911 R 3D puzzle is the first product of many that will come from Porsche’s partnership with Ravensburger. In a statement, the automaker said the 911 R “is just the starting point for an extensive collaboration between Porsche and Ravensburger in the coming years,” adding that the two companies “share a similar ethos in terms of their dedication to their products, their skilful engineering and their exceptionally high quality standards.”

The Ravensburger 911 R 3D Puzzle will soon be available to purchase from Porsche’s online store.

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