Four Reasons to Love Japan, Courtesy of Honda

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

Honda Access is Honda’s genuine parts and accessories supplier in its domestic market of Japan.

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Each year, Honda Access dreams up some neat concept cars for the Tokyo Auto Salon. With the annual custom car show quickly approaching, the parts supplier has detailed its concepts for next year’s edition of the Japanese tuner show and as always, they are freakin’ brilliant.

S660 Neo Classic Racer

The best of these Honda Access creations, in our opinion, is the S660 Neo Classic Racer. This funny-looking kei racer is based on the mid-engine Honda S660 with the retro looking ‘Neo Classic’ kit installed, which is inspired by the retro Honda S500. Simply put, this is the racing version of the retro version of the S660. Don’t you just want to take it for a spin around the Tsukuba Circuit?

Civic Versatilist

Next up is the Civic Versatilist. This looks to a concept for a high-riding Civic similar to the Ford Focus Active. Naturally, Honda says the Civic Versatilist is aimed at adults with an active lifestyle who may live in urban areas but enjoy spending time in nature. Lifted compacts like these are popular in Asia and Europe, so perhaps Honda will one day release a production Civic Versatilist for those markets. Information on the concept is minimal for now, though.

Trip Van

There’s also the Trip Van. Forget crossovers and SUVs – this is the kind of active lifestyle vehicle we want to see sold in North America. Based on the N-Van microvan, this hospitable little camper is designed for a college student with an interest in surfing or other outdoor activities. Honda didn’t provide many details, only saying it has a custom exterior and interior, but with steelie wheels and a roof rack, we like what we see.

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Well Concept

Rounding out the Honda Access concepts for the 2019 Toyko Auto Salon is the Well Concept. This cute little van embodies the future of family transportation at Honda Japan. The front kind of reminds us of the electric Honda Urban EV – easily one of our favorite concept cars from the past five years.

The 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon will kick off on January 11th, 2019. All of the vehicles pictured here will be on display at Honda’s official booth at the show.

Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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