Volkswagen and Ford Working Together on Pickups, EVs and Vans

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell

Volkswagen and Ford announced their much-anticipated alliance on Tuesday at the North American International Auto Show. The partnership will not include ownership stakes but will start with commercial vehicles.

“Volkswagen and Ford will harness our collective resources, innovation capabilities, and complementary market positions to even better serve millions of customers around the world,” said Herbert Diess, VW’s CEO. “At the same time, the alliance will be a cornerstone for our drive to improve competitiveness.”

Jim Hackett, Ford’s CEO, confirmed that the companies will work together to develop commercial vans and medium-sized pickups that will come out in 2022.

The companies said in a release that Ford will develop medium-sized pickups for both brands, as well as a larger commercial van for Europe, while VW will develop a smaller city van.

Whether or not this will lead to a medium-sized Volkswagen pickup for the North American market remains unclear, but the companies predict that demand for pickups will increase in the coming years.

“Over time, this alliance will help both companies create value and meet the needs of our customers and society,” said Hackett. “It will not only drive significant efficiencies and help both companies improve their fitness, but also gives us the opportunity to collaborate on shaping the next era of mobility.”

As Hackett indicated, the collaboration will, in the future, move onto autonomous, electric, and mobility services.

Volkswagen’s I.D. series of vehicles run on a dedicated electric chassis that it developed at great expense. Ford, so far, has released no details about an EV chassis of its own. It has been working hard on autonomous vehicles, though.

Sebastien Bell
Sebastien Bell

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