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Thomas Hundal
by Thomas Hundal

Trailer theft is no joke. It seems as if one goes missing every week in every major city in America. What’s more, getting your trailer back is far from easy. There’s often mountains of paperwork to get through, impound fees to pay and trailer damage to repair, and that’s assuming your trailer actually gets recovered. As such, it’s no surprise that many trailer owners are turning to trailer locks, and AMPLock offers some of the strongest trailer locks in the business.

Let’s start with the big one, trailer coupler locks. It’s easy for thieves to steal unsecured, unhitched trailers unless there’s something blocking it in, so making it difficult for thieves to hitch up is always a good idea.

However, not all trailer coupler locks are created equal. A large number of mainstream trailer locks can hide major weak points that untrained eyes can’t directly notice. Light-duty raw materials and lack of relevant security features is the perfect combination to make a lock breakable under one minute. So AMPLock’s designs feature some seriously beefy construction reaching the highest standards of the industry.

Take the BRP2516 2-5/16-inch trailer coupler lock. Made of ducted cast iron and stainless steel, it offers advanced resistance capacities by folding/bump instead of breaking and would be extremely difficult for thieves to cut through with a mass of twelve pounds.

In addition to the heavy duty materials, the lock includes a patented internal mechanism completed by a swivel design and a rotative face against traction with chain, picking and drilling. But that’s not all, each AMPLock’s trailer locks are built like they were forged directly on a specific coupler shape and according to its ball size. That way, the BRP2516 provides a tight fit when installed that allows a consistent shield that covers every angle of your coupler. The good news is that it’s also available in a two-inch size for lighter-duty couplers.

Furthermore, installation and removal is super simple with a push and lock system while the cylinder location makes it difficult to access for thieves when engaged. Finally, the key alike option (only on the website) makes it more convenient, especially for fleet use. Perfect for ensuring that your trailers stay where you park them.

So, that’s locking up an unhitched coupler solved, but what about security for the ball on your hitch receiver? Don’t worry, AMPLock also has that covered. Take the HLP58318 for example. It’s designed for 2.5-inch and 3-inch receivers and replaces the retainer pin with a beefy 1.7-pound weatherproofed locking pin. It features a rubber cap for the lock to keep water out, a robust safety pin and a head that’s pretty well-shielded by the receiver to avoid prying or cutting. Similar designs for 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch receivers are also available to suit a wide variety of vehicles. While this won’t prevent thieves from loosening the jam nut on the bottom of a hitch ball, anyone who’s tried removing a hitch ball that’s been in a tongue for a few years will know that it’s about as difficult as pulling sword from stone.

Maybe you’re pulling something heavier than a utility trailer. No worries, AMPLock offers a variety of gooseneck coupler locks with special variants designed specifically with Bulldog and Atwood goosenecks in mind. Take the GNB, AMPLock’s model for Bulldog goosenecks. It’s been designed and machined to ensure a tight fit around the coupler, its one-piece design consisting of an incredibly durable carrier and an equally robust pin-style lock. It’s also weather-resistant, with snug-fitting rubber gaskets preventing water ingress both on the lock cylinder and in between the other parts of the lock. Tough on crime yet civil to owners is a common theme in AMPLock’s portfolio, melding high-security design with user-friendly operation.

While that about covers preventing trailer theft, what about preventing theft from trailers? Cheap locks can be cut or levered open in seconds, often with minimal noise to alert passers-by. Thankfully, AMPLock has decided to think outside the padlock with seriously hefty designs for both barn doors and roll-up. The AMPLock PDC is designed for the former and looks more like a brick than something you’d secure a gate with. Its beefy e-coated casting encases a barn door’s entire release lever, preventing the locking lug from being cut, even with serious power tools. As with most of AMPLock’s products, both special and keyed-alike cylinders are available for maximum security and fleet use respectively.

So why else would you choose AMPLock over any other trailer lock company’s products? How about customer service? They offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy with proof of purchase, an incredible five-year warranty on everything they sell and ultra-fast shipping on most products. This impressive dedication to customer service combined with sheer quality of product stemming from twenty years of development helps explain why AMPLock has sold over 240,000 locks in North America while receiving 96 per cent positive feedback. Their products may be on the premium end of the market, but a good lock is cheaper than the time, heartache and hiked insurance premiums following a trailer theft. Especially when that good lock is intellligently designed to last for years and years, with stainless materials, advanced coatings to prevent corrosion and a disc-style lock rather than a pin-style lock for resistance to drilling, an advanced feature few trailer locks can boast. The next time you’re in the market for a trailer lock, keep AMPLock in mind.

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