Rivian Owners Are Attempting To Find What Place Has The Most Rivians

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
rivian owners are attempting to find what place has the most rivians

The Rivian R1T’s been on sale for a little while now, since late 2021, but where the heck are they?

North America loves its super expensive luxury pickup trucks, so it should be a no-brainer that we’d be buying them en masse. Yet, for a multitude of reasons, Rivian’s only delivered a little over 2,500 since they’ve been rolling the emoji-looking electric super truck out of its Normal, IL factory. Personally, I’ve only seen one – where exactly are the Rivians? Well, the Rivian owners’ forum is trying to figure out that information.

Started by the Rivian Owners Forum administrator, this map is a self-reporting spreadsheet of Rivian owners voluntarily informing everyone what state they live in with their Rivian. Currently, the list is small, just under 50 owners have reported, but it could give some interesting insight as to what areas are buying the EV super truck.

Predictably, EV-friendly California leads with the most registrations, but Colorado is right behind them.

From what I can tell, it seems like Rivian owners tend to track with the well-to-do, outdoorsy image that the brand puts out. By comparison, only a handful of reported registrations are in so-called flyover rural states where pickup trucks are king, like much of the midwestern United States.

The survey is not just open to US Rivian owners, it has space for other countries and provinces, too. Only time will tell how the geographic demographic of the Rivian R1T compares to competitors like the Ford F-150 Lightning or GMC Hummer EV.

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