Hertz's Order Of 65,000 Polestars Is Starting To Appear On Rental Lots

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Soon, your next rental from Hertz could be a Polestar 2. Polestar said that Hertz’s order of 65,000 cars is starting to make its way to rental lots.

This order from Hertz to Polestar is in tandem with the well-covered Tesla and Hertz fiasco. Remember that? In case you missed it, in short Hertz announced a “partnership” with Tesla, where 100,000 cars would make their way to fleets over the course of five years. Elon Musk himself took to Twitter to clarify, that there was no specific deal and that Hertz would have to get in line like any other retail customer. Despite that, Teslas are trickling onto Hertz’s rental lots, but there’s no specific deal between Hertz and Tesla.

This Polestar deal is an actual partnership between the Sino-Swedish brand and the American rental car giant. Furthermore, representatives of both companies announced collaboration on marketing. The Polestar 2 is included in Hertz’s “Let’s Go” marketing campaign, driving the point home, that this is a huge partnership between two corporate entities.

Polestar says that this 65,000 order is one of the largest ever single orders of electric cars. For Polestar, this deal is important, not only for its sales goal of 290,000 units per year by 2025, but for exposure to the brand. For many, renting a Polestar 2 will be their first exposure to electric vehicles and the brand as a whole.

The deal also sees a few Polestar 1 sport hybrid coupes finding their way into Hertz’s high-dollar “Dream Collection,” too. Polestar will supply Hertz with 65,000 cars between now and 2025.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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