2023 Mini Cooper SE Gets More Expensive, Due to Supply Chain Issues

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
2023 mini cooper se gets more expensive due to supply chain issues

The 2023 Mini Cooper SE just got a big price hike, thanks to supply chain issues.

Formerly starting at the low price of $30,750, (including destination fee) the base Mini Cooper SE was the cheapest way to get in a fully-electrified Mini Hatchback. But, due to supply chain issues, Mini has placed the base model on a temporary hold. This pushes Mini buyers into the next trim up, the Signature 2.0 trim, starting at $35,075, nearly $5,000 more than the base model.

For 2023, the Mini SE did gain a few new standard features, namely Apple CarPlay, a bigger screen, lane departure warning, and a heated steering wheel. The Signature 2.0 trim adds a panoramic roof, and options for contrasting roof and paint colors.

Underneath, the Mini SE is powered by a 181 horsepower electric motor, with a 32.5 kWh battery. This setup is good for a 0-60 time of around 6.9 seconds, only slightly slower than the gas-powered Mini Cooper S. Yet, the Mini SE’s range is only 110 miles.

True, some may find that the Cooper SE’s driving dynamics and style can overcome its range, but in this day and age, the Cooper SE’s range just isn’t all that great for the price. The price leader base model would have made the Mini SE’s lack of range, much more palatable.

We hope that the Mini SE’s base model returns soon. Or, we hope Mini introduces a new, ground-up electrified model, with better range for the price.

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