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Crafting a good ultra-high performance tire is as much art as it is science. A manufacturer needs to ensure that the tire meets the typical customer’s minimum requirements with regard to wet and cold-weather handling, while hitting it with every trick in the book to guarantee awesome cornering grip, braking, and straight-line acceleration. To top it all off, they have to look around at what other manufacturers are offering and try to edge out the competition with better performance or value – preferably both.

We’re all already pretty well familiar with the usual big-name brands, but now, there’s a new kid on the block: RoadX Tires. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with the belief that great tires don’t need to command great big prices. That core principle suggests right off the bat that the RxMotion U11 might have an advantage when it comes to price, but is the U11 any good?

In a word: yes. Here are five reasons why the RoadX RxMotion U11 should top your list the next time you find yourself shopping for a new set of ultra-high performance tires.

1. It Features An Effective, Advanced Tread Design

Every square inch of tread area has been put to good use on the RoadX RxMotion U11. The tire features an optimized asymmetrical tread pattern with a variable-pitch tread that ensures a smooth, quiet ride. The inner tread section is designed to evacuate water efficiently to maintain traction in the wet, while the outer tread has bigger contact areas to enhance dry-weather grip. It’s a proven combination that guarantees the U11 is ready for whatever conditions lie ahead, whether you’re blasting down your favorite curvy mountain road in the dead of summer, or just trying to make it safely home through a thunderstorm.

2. And A Versatile Silica Compound

When the first silica-compound tires started reaching passenger vehicles some years ago, the result was nothing short of a revelation. Sometimes referred to as the “magic compound,” silica helps tires maintain their pliability across a wide range of ambient temperatures, and delivers exceptional grip without adding an undue amount of rolling resistance or excessive wear. The magic compound has been put to good use in the RoadX RxMotion, which uses a silica-rich compound to help dissipate heat effectively, boost wet-weather traction, and deliver outstanding braking performance. Effective use of silica is practically a must in any modern ultra-high performance tire, and happily, we can report that the U11 was developed with this in mind.

3. Along With Stout Construction

Of course, the use of silica alone isn’t enough to make an ultra-high performance tire worth its weight in salt. For that, you need an equally effective composition to tie it all together. To that end, the RoadX RxMotion also boasts a stout construction, with a four-belt package encompassing one nylon belt, one poly, and two steel. Exactly how the belts of a tire effect its durability and performance can get complicated, but without going into too much detail, it’s all about how the belts in question hold the plies of the tire together and resist punctures, while still allowing the tire to flex to maintain maximum tread contact with the road. RoadX has found an optimum four-belt solution to balance these competing requirements against one another, using a mix of materials and some sophisticated engineering know-how.

4. It’s Also Available In A Wide Array Of Sizes

One very compelling reason to consider the RoadX RxMotion U11: it can fit most anything you might want to put it on. From 16-inch to 22-inch-diameter wheels, there are nearly 80 different sizes of the tire available, nearly all with either a W speed rating or a Y speed rating. So, whether you’ve got an older sports coupe from the 1990s, or a modern high-performance sports sedan that rolled off the line last year, there’s probably a RoadX RxMotion U11 tire out there for you.

5. And Did We Mention The Value Proposition?

Ordinarily, for a set of good ultra-high performance tires, you might expect to have to shell out a lot of cash, but the RoadX’s brand’s core mission of offering great tires at a not-so-great price, means that you can pick up a set of RxMotion U11s for less than you might expect. They’re priced very competitively for the segment, and yet they still ship with a one-year road hazard replacement guarantee, providing you with the utmost confidence in the brand.

The RoadX RxMotion U11 ultra-high performance tire is available exclusively through KalTire in Canada. So if you’re ready to take a closer look at the U11, head on over to either the RoadXTires website or News Staff News Staff

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  • Gary Perkins Gary Perkins on Aug 17, 2022

    When are they going to be available at Kal Tire

  • John michael gibbons John michael gibbons on Dec 22, 2022

    They are a accident waiting to happen . just purchased an LS460 lexus with a set of these tyres . grip in the wet is scary dry ok . ok is not ok on a powerful car ,wet grip tyres losing grip from side roads spinning wheels at 40mph is unerving . 5+ tread awful tyres . now put on Uniroyal 5 tyres , complete transformation feel safe again im in my mid 60s not a boy racer , Budget yes safety 0 less expensive but as my wife often saysTires are you life ,with these tires they my cost you your life ,google reviews you will see what i have been warned .